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marfa paper

Over my spring break trip to Marfa, Texas, I had a lot of fun camping and looking at all the installations and pieces of art around town. After coming back to Austin and the interwebs, I wanted to find an artist based in Marfa to put on this blog, and I found Catherine Cox and her Marfa Made Paper studio. Cox uses western paper-making methods with a Holland Beater (a machine that beats and cuts up the pulp). I’m not sure if the studio is still up and running, as searches have left me coming up empty-handed, but it may still be a work in progress. View the full article here.

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SXSW Poster

sxsw paper work

Although I was in Marfa, Texas for a good portion of spring break, I also got to take part in the SXSW festival for the last couple of days. In the spirit of Austin and whatnot, here’s a little something the awesome duo Zim & Zou, paper extraordinaires, created for SXSW. The components of the poster were all cut and created out of paper, put together, and photographed. The crazy colors and wackiness of the poster as a whole give off the perfect vibe of what SXSW is (or should be). View more of Zim & Zou’s incredible work here.

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Wearable Paper

paper dress


A dress made entirely out of phone book pages? Kelly Murray’s Paper Dress it truly something else. The dress has everything from pleats to a shirred bodice. It was all hand-cut, pleated, sewn, and glued together. It reminds me of wearable origami- as though someone would look like a life-sized paper ballerina. I would love to see another paper dress made out of different textures and colors… or even out of light Kovo paper. See the full album on Flickr.

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Paper Featured on Paper


Paper cuttings in print ads?! Yay, finally a non-display commercial use! James Seet’s paper cuttings were featured in these clean, simple-paletted print ads for Celcom Broadband.The paper cuts themselves were detailed, intricate, and had a lot of movement going on, so the simple blue-and-white palette choice helped the eye move to the center of attention. Interestingly enough, this advertisement was for technology, but used paper (one of the oldest mediums in existence) to give the message. I like it. See more of Seet’s work on his Behance.

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Embossed and Debossed

simon schubert


Paper can be cut, dyed, made, written on, painted on, folded, torn, and a number of other things, but it can also be manipulated with heavy pressing. Embossing and debossing manipulates the surface of the paper using pressure and heat. In Schubert’s work, the paper was manipulated to create detailed 3-dimensional scenes. See more of Schubert’s embossed works here.

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Cut Collage



While paper itself can present information (in magazines), it can be used by itself as presentation. Xin Song uses it for both. Her compositions of papercuts use pieces of magazines containing similar motifs. These motifs tell one message, while the beautiful imagery of the papercuts is juxtaposed. The double use of paper as a messenger and as a message has a certain “aha!” quality after looking closely at the collages. See more of her collages here.

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What blog about paper arts would be complete without something on Yulia Brodskaya? Paper used as a tool and medium could not be done better than her qullings. They are impressively intricate and organized, but flow so organically. There are many artists who have dabbled in quilling, but Brodskaya’s work is the epitome of it all. Not only does her work vary in typographic and illustrative elements, but there is so much of it on her website to ogle at. Ogle here.

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