Wet Origami

wet origami

Okay, I know, it’s another origami post. But you know what? It’s wet origami. The process of wet origami is a lot more complex than simply folding the paper while wet. It involves working with sizing- an additive used during the pulp stage of the paper making process. The sizing dissolves when the paper is dampened, and makes it softer while wet, allowing it to be bent in different forms. After the paper is folded and manipulated while damp, it hardens and retains the soft, organic bends and folds. Robert Lang’s origami utilizes this technique and creates beautiful nature imitations out of single, uncut pieces of paper. See more of his work here.

Image Source: http://www.langorigami.com/art/gallery/gallery.php?tag=plants-flowers&name=columbine_1


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