Paper Making Process

While there are many different techniques and nuances involved in paper-making (Washi, western, mass-production, etc.), the process boils down to the same thing: shredded, boiled, and washed fibers are beaten to a pulp, dyed, poured into water, and lifted with a screen to be pressed and dried. Some processes are more time-consuming than others, and some are extremely strenuous; Washi paper-making (Japanese) involves beating the pulp by hand with hammers to cut the fibers down. While learning about the processes, I came across several tutorials (see below for links) that I’d love to try someday when I have a backyard and some time.

Makezine and One Good Thing by Jillee both have scrap-paper transforming tutorials.

Here’s a coffee cup paper-making tutorial for all you Starbucks junkies.

And here’s a tutorial on making paper from plants (if you really have the time).



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